Thank you to everyone who entered comments!!! Check out the original Fannotation Video below:

Fannotation Submissions

We are SOOO excited about the Paper Towns trailer release that we decided to make an original Fannotation Video! Maybe you remember our The Fault in Our Stars Fannotation Trailer from last year? Let's do it again, but with Paper Towns! does it work? First, submit YOUR reactions to different parts of the trailer in the comments below. On March 30, we'll compile the best moments and create an original video.

How to Submit Reactions:

  1. Tell us your reaction, something you noticed that someone else might NOT have noticed, or your general feelings about Paper Towns.
  2. Specify what EXACT part of the trailer (by minute and seconds) you reacted to.
  3. Sign with your user name so we can give you a shout out in the video!
Don't hold back! Gifs, photos, and general squeels are welcome.

Spread the word! Tell your friends to submit THEIR reactions! Twit Fb

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