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Takumi Hikohito is a Japanese American character in Looking for Alaska. He is friends with Miles "Pudge" Halter, Alaska Young, and Chip "The Colonel" Martin.

Personality Edit

Takumi is a lively, chatty and talented student at Culver Creek. He is fit, agile and not to mention quick build makes him a vital part in Alaska and The Colonel's pranks. He is a surprisingly gifted MC/hip-hop enthusiast, as he demonstrates to Pudge in the night at the barn during their pranks.

During the night of their pranks against the weekday warriors, Takumi pulls out a fox hat before him and Miles start to set off the fireworks. He then had Miles Call him "The Fox" while going through the night. This demonstrates how Takumi is lively and almost cocky, as him and Miles are bitten by the swan by the smoking hole.