Miles Halter
Gender Male
Allies Alaska Young, Chip Martin, Takumi, Lara
Enemies Weekday Warriors
Fate Alive
Appearances Looking for Alaska


Miles Halter is the protagonist of the novel Looking for Alaska .


Miles is very smart and does well in school. He jokes that often his only friends and allies are his teachers, although at Culver Creek that is not always the case. He leaves public school and his hometown because he has no friends and is in desperate hope for a big change.

At Culver Creek, Chip Martin, whom everyone calls The Colonel, is his roommate and first friend. Chip is bold and loud but Miles is easy going and gets along with him pretty well. Miles is from a well-off family, but most of his friends are poor. They get along because Miles doesn't show off. He has a strong love for video games, just like Chip Martin.

Miles and Alaska

Miles instantly falls in love with the beautiful, entrancing Alaska Young. She has a boyfriend (Jake) but Miles is constantly tempted to admit his true feelings to her. He does say that he loves her, but she was not awake to hear him say it. But throughout the book, she starts to develop feelings for him too but never admits it.


The Colonel makes Miles buy cigarettes. Miles does not always smoke but he will smoke one here and there to make friends. He always covers the cost of the cigarettes because he is from a wealthier family than his friends.

Miles lied to his family and says that he has so much work he has to stay at school during Thanksgiving. He really just wants to spend the holiday with Alaska Young.

Miles briefly engages in a relationship with Romanian student, Lara.

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