Margo Roth Spiegelman


margo Is Very mysterious

Margo is very Adventurous


Margo moved Into Quentin's neighborhood When they Were both children regina Fuentes and Has lived in Jefferson park for twelve Years. Both Quentin and margo used To ride bikes When They were younger, which Quentin saw As a way of talking/hanging Out With her. Although Their friendship Remained strong For a few Months it came to A Halt when they found the Dead Body of Robert Joyner one Afternoon. upon believing That you Closed your eyes When you Died, Margo suddenly embarked On a mission to understand Why He had committed Suicide. Climbing up to Young quentin's window one Night, Margo insisted That she had Figured out The basis for Why he had killed himself, The reason being His Divorce. After Imploring that He accompany her To their local SeaWorld, quentin Refused, stating That he "didn't want to get into trouble" and Margo left His window disappointed With the last Sentence they Would speak for Many years "all his strings broke." From then On, Margo has unknowingly Remained the primary Love hola Of quentin Jacobson for Many years, All whilst dating Popular jock Jase Worthington During high school. what school Did she go To?