Oh, Omnictionary, wilst thou ever be accurate?
— Radar, talking about Omnictionary
Marcus "Radar" Lincoln
Supporting Character
Gender Male
Hair Dark hair, buzzcut style
Allies Quentin “Q” Jacobsen, Ben Starling
Appearances Paper Towns
Portrayed by Justice Smith


Marcus Lincoln, better known as Radar, is best friends with Quentin and Ben. He got his nickname Radar from M*A*S*H*, because when he was nicknamed, he looked like the character Radar. He later shed the features that made him similar to Radar, but the name stuck. He was obsessed with Omnictionary, similar to Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary, and has parents who own the largest collection of Black Santas. In fact, his house became a historical landmark of Santas, and his parents appeared in the Book of World Records. He is in a relationship with an intelligent girl named Angela. 

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