This cover completely embodies the book.  I couldn't

imagine anything more perfect for it.

Have you ever read a book that is so amazing to you, that you can't possibly live without it? In that case we have something in common and this is my book.

The title of it is "Looking for Alaska" and although it may seem like your typical teen boarding school book, that is entirely wrong. The beginning is about a boy name Miles; who has decided to move to a boarding school far away from his school in Florida. Not because he was lonely (although he was) but because he was in search of the great perhaps. A great discover, a thrilling mystery, or an exciting adventure. He didn't care which one! All he wanted was t try something new (and believe me) he got his wish.

When he arrives at his so-called luxury school he is shocked to find his room stripped of the basic necessities, such as: a shower that is not three feet high, a mattress that has been cleaned, and of course a video game console. However all these problems are put on hold when he meets his roommate. A short guy with messy brown hair, Chip (The Colonial) with his athletic build, is what you would call not-the-guy-that-spends-all-day-reading-a-world-map, but you don't judge a book by it's cover. 

The Colonial promptly asks Miles to help him to move his couch (without even knowing his name nonetheless) and so he does (he was in no position to pass up friends) and after they were done The Colonial decided to start asking Miles questions such as:

"So your not from here?"


"Have you ever eaten a fried-burrito."


"Whats your name?'


"As in Miles to go before we sleep?"


"Robert Frost poem, you ever read him?"


"Consider yourself lucky."


"Let's go visit Alaska."


Miles did not know who Alaska was but from the minute he saw her, he liked her; and later on her liked her even more. 

After befriending this group of misfits, Miles is involved in all kinds of pranks, adventures, and mysteries. This was the great perhaps and he was living it; but all dreams had to end sometime. After tragedy hits his boarding school Miles is drowning in a sea of confusion with questions all around him. And he starts to learn, that maybe he isn't the only one.

This book is my favorite book ever. It is all about loss, love, mystery and how to deal with crushing guilt and grief. It taught me not to be selfish when something bad happens and to know, I'm not the only one that cares. I hope I did this book justice in my critique, because all the knowledge and remarks in this book helped me everyday. I hope you take the time to read this, because trust me it's worth every page.